Northern Sudan army dismisses accusations of troops build-un in Abyei

April 4, 2008 (Sudan Tribune)

Northern Sudan army denied accusation of troops build-up in the disputed area of Abyei, describing it as false.

Brigadier Osman Mohamed Al Aghbash, the spokesperson of Sudan Armed Forces said troops recently arrived in the area were members of the 31st Brigade based in Abyei and returned to their positions after the discharge of their duties outside the region.

The general further added that the United Nations and the Joint Defence Board are aware of this truth.

SAF interim commander in Abyei Brigadier General Muntasir Sabir said yesterday that these troops were returning from time in Darfur, the western region where government forces are battling rebels in the war torn region.

Despite the signing of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement in 2005 between the government of the National Congress Party and the former rebel Sudan Peope’s Liberation Movement central Abyei has remained without any government or official status after the NCP rejected the borders outlined by an independent commission.

The SPLM appointed administrator arrived in the disputed area on March 26 reigniting accusations between the two partners of the government of national unity on troops build-up in the region.

A senior officer in the southern Sudan army, SPLA, launched new accusation against SAF today.

"There are now about 600 men in (Abyei) town," James Hoth, SPLA Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations, told Reuters.

Yesterday the SPLM administrator Edward Lino said that around 200 northern soldiers entered Abyei on Tuesday setting up barracks in a school in the town centre.


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