NCP Threatens to Suspend Joint Action on Abyei Protocol if SPLM Endorses Current Development

By:  Al Sammani Awadallah

April 02, 2008 (Sudan Vision Daily)

National Congress Party (NCP) said it will no longer be committed to joint work with SPLM towards implementation of Abyei Protocol if it has been established that SPLM endorses the recent development in Abyei.

NCP leading member and Co-chairman of South Kordofan Assessment and Evaluation Commission (AEC), Al-Dirdeeri Mohammed Ahmed, told Sudan Vision that NCP is still awaiting a clarification from SPLM on the steps taken by some of its leading members in Abyei.

"NCP is ready to resume dialogue with SPLM on the implementation of Abyei Protocol if the SPLM confirms that the present development in Abyei is an isolated step taken without its approval and that it is ready to put an end to it," he said. Furthermore he reiterated that if SPLM actually endorses the unilateral move in Abyei, NCP will consider that SPLM has washed its hand off joint implementation of Abyei Protocol as stipulated by the Comprehensive Peace Agreement. In that case, he said, all options will be open before NCP.

He further added that the President of the Republic will adopt the necessary resolutions that will maintain the dignity of the State and warrant the sanctity of the State's Constitution and establishments.

"We will only convene with SPLM if it tells us it does not recognize what is now taking place in Abyei," he concluded.


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