NCP Warns Halt Negotiations on Abyei with SPLM

April 1, 2008 (SMC)

Prominent NCP member in charge of Abyei dossier Al Dardiri Mohammed Ahmed reveals that his party has received assurance from FVP and chairman of SPLM Salva Kir and movements'' secretary G. Pagan Amum that they don''t support the decision made by Edward Lion in Abyei of announcing an administration for the area.

However Dardiri told (smc) that the assurance is not enough. He said we need an official declaration from SPLM or other wise that national congress would blame SPLM as being responsible of establishing of that administration.

He said this clear violation to both CPA and partnership charters. Moreover he said we demand an official declaration followed by practical Steps on the ground that SPLM agrees to cooperate with NC in dissolving the administration like what happened at movement''s camps in Al Dabab and Abu Tarik.

Ahmed said in case that SPLM remains silence supporting what is going on there that would be SPLM was under mining the power of presidency where no party shall have that rights (including the partner SPLM) to do so.

In addition Ahmed describes that NC would understand any SPLM silence on this regard as a reverse from the implementing of Abyei protocol process which has become a constitutional commitment.

Based on this fact according to Ahmed the national congress should go ahead with implementation of Abyei protocol in accordance with 1905 boundaries as stated in the protocol.

After all Ahmed said the national congress is no longer committed to any joint efforts or negotiations on Abyei until after SPLM declares officially the dissolving of the administration.


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