Calls for rescheduling Missieyria-Dinka conference

25 March 2008 (Miraya FM)

Some of the Missieyria leaders have called on for the postponement of the Peaceful Co-existence conference which was supposed to take place by the end of this month due to poor preparations.  The Conference is expected to discuss the issue of Peaceful Co-existence between the Missieyria and the Dinka Ngok tribes in Abyei. 

Speaking to Miraya FM, the chairman of the Abyei Liberation Front, Mohammed Omer Al-Ansari, said that the conference should be postponed because the SPLM refused to discuss the issue of border demarcation and the redeployment of the SPLA forces to the borderline of January 1st. 1956.  

Meanwhile, the head of the SPLM Administration in Abyei, Edward Lino, told Miraya FM that the leaders of Dinka Ngok and the Missieyria tribes have agreed on the issues of redeployment of both armies north and southwards of Abyei borders to be resolved by the Government of National Unity. 

Mr. Lino said that the Ministerial Committee formed between the SPLM and the National Congress Party to resolve the Abyei crisis was present when the Dinka Ngok and the Missieyria agreed. However, Mr. Lino accused some elements which he did not name, of encouraging war in the area.


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