SPLM, NCP agree over Sudan’s elections law

March 23, 2008 (ST)

The Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM) has disclosed details of the agreement reached with its peace partner the National Congress Party (NCP), over the draft elections law.

The SPLM’s deputy secretary general, Yasir Arman, said in a press conference on Saturday that the agreement was to allocate 55 % to geographic constituencies and 45% to proportional representation including a women’s list.

The SPLM position was to divide the constituencies 50% elected by proportional representation system and 50% of the seats are elected by majority election system. Women are to be represented by 50% of the proportional representation lists.

The NCP was proposing to allocate 60% of the constituencies for the majority election system and 40% for the proportional representation system. Regarding women, it proposes to establish separate lists on the state level and the list that obtains the highest votes will have all the seats.

The SPLM coordinated its position over the elections law with the rest of the political forces in the countries. Different meetings were held in this regard between the SPLM, the Umma Party, the Popular Congress and the Communist Party.

Following the deal, opposition forces censured the SPLM for not informing them of its agreement with the NCP.

The Communist Party representative on the elections committee, Sidiq Yossif affirmed that the SPLM had not informed them of its agreement with the NCP. He urged the SPLm to explain its position and present it in clear way.

While the Popular Congress Party’s legal affairs secretary, Kamal Omer regretted the NCP-SPLM deal saying that means the SPLM ignored it previous agreement with the opposition parties. He further considered this move as clear indication of future alliance between the two forces. He also called the opposition forces to learn from the lesson and strengthen their alliances.


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