SPLM, NCP to revive Messeriya routes

Media Monitoring Report, 19 March 2008
(the Citizen)

The government of southern Sudan has said roads blocked by Miseria tribesmen last Jan. were ”being cleared” to allow IDPs to residing in the North to come to the South for the population census due next month.

Simon Kun Pouc, the Commissioner of southern Sudan Relief and Rehabilitation Commission (SSRRC) yesterday said the roads have been no go zones in the last two months would be free for passage in the next three days.

He said GoS and GoSS were doing the clearance in a move to make the forth-coming population census a success after 15 years without a count. Pouc said GoSS had returned 1,699,000 IDPs from the North during 2006-2008 and have been integrated and resettled in their communities.

He added 250,000refugees from neighboring countries have been repatriated and reintegrated respectively.


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