Civilians vacate the area as SAF advances 8 km south of Meiram

Media Monitoring Report, 16 March 2008

At the time when SPLA advanced into the north of Abyei and established its control over Al-Naam, Um-Bilayel and Jengai areas, the chairman of the Committee for Resolution of Dispute between Messeriya and Dinka, Bustana Mohamed Salem, told Al-Watan newspaper that the town of Meiram had been vacated by civilians as SAF advanced 8 km south of Meiram.

He said the authorities took this precautionary step after news of SPLA preparing to attack and occupy Meiram.

He said SAF garrison had been beefed up for fear of move on the part of SPLA adding that SPLA set up its camp 30 km away from Meiram and reinforced it with modern and sophisticated military equipment.


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