SPLM and NCP agree on electoral law

Media Monitoring Report, 12 March 2008
(Khartoum Monitor)

The National Congress party, the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement and the other political parties have agreed on a new electoral law, which will allow for proportional representation.

Judge Peter Samuel Mogga, the head of the SPLM team in the NCRC told Khartoum Monitor that the law as agreed on unanimously.

55% of the seats in the parliament to be contested for would be done so based on proportional representation. 25% percent will be reserved for women while 20% would be contested by individual political parties in geographical constituencies.

The proportional representation means the voters will vote for the political parties which would chose their representatives. The voting will be done at the State level not the national level. In other words, each State will for example reserve 25% of its seats to women.

Judge Mogga said the feeling in the National Constitutional Review Commission is that too much time has been devoted to the electoral law.

“There are many other pressing problems facing the country such as the situation in Darfur, we need to turn to these issues,” Mogga said.


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