Misseriya slam Abyei joint administration

Media Monitoring Report, 12 March 2008
(Khartoum Monitor)

Misseriya leaders agreed that the formation of joint administration in Abyei is not a radical solution but only a temporary solution to defuse tension in Abyei.

Messeriya leader, Alsasdiq Babu Nimir, said the government has failed to intervene to solve the problem therefore the problem should be solved within tribal institutions.

He added that they had opened up all roads previously blocked by the Misseriya.

Fadlalla Burma Nasser, a Misseriya leader said the administration might pave the way for provision of services and creating a conducive environment for settlement. He added that the recent meeting of the Misseriya aimed to prepare for reconciliation conference between the Misseriya and the Nuba and Daju tribes in the coming month, he added.

On his part, Ahmed Alahmar member of Misseriya youth said the situation in Al-Mujlad is tragic and the Misseriya have retreated to the north of 56 degrees north to avoid attacks by SPLA. The joint administration for Abyei is not acceptable to us because it is serving SPLMM and NCP political aims, both parties kept Misseriya out of Abyei Protocol, he said. The SPLM


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