Assaults and deaths along Sudan's north-south borders

March 8, 2008 (NSV)

Although the Sudan's north-south conflict ended militarily in January 2005, citizens of northern Bahr el Ghazal, Abyei and Warap States continue to face assaults and death at the hands of Misseriya nomadic tribe along the highway. Almost a week from the last bloody battle that occurred between the Misseriya and SPLA around Kiir River, NSV is inundated with citizens voicing out how many are being assaulted and killed around Meiram and along Mugled-Nyama-Abyei highway.

"We were robed, beaten up and three people among us were killed when they resisted being robbed," said one victim who spoke to NSV from the town of Mugled. So far several citizens lost their lives and property as they desperately tried to reach Southern Sudan. With the only passage to Southern Sudan closed, southerners are forced to go to Abyei through Bentiu, a very expensive long road. Those in western Kordofan and Darfur are, meanwhile, trapped because Meiram corridor is blocked by furious Misseriya who accused the SPLA of using heavy weapons against their group.

Some of the wounded Misseriya tribesmen who sustained injuries during last week's battle, are recuperating in expensive hospitals in Khartoum under NCP personnel. They were airlifted from the neighboring towns of Meiram and Mugled.

Many IDPs who initially prepared to reach their homeland at last after peace agreement have since exhausted all what they earned during the last agricultural season. There is great desperation throughout IDP camps both in Kordofan and Darfur as means to take them home are nowhere at the horizon. The number of injured IDPs and those innocently killed are yet to be established by concerned bodies. Two days ago, the Misseriya, who camped around Difra oil rig, reported they were opening Abyei highway again. Meanwhile in Abyei, people are still scared to use the highway, preferring the life-saving El-Obei-Bentiu-Abyei highway.


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