Minister of Health in GNU-SPLM, Dr. Tabitha Butrus Shokai will visit Abyei area tomorrow

March 8th, 2008 (NSV)

The Minister of Health in the Sudan's Government of National Unity-SPLM, Dr. Tabitha Butrus Shokai will visit Abyei area tomorrow, Sunday 9th, The New Sudan Vision has learned.

Dr. Tabitha Butrus will be accompanied by state minister in the ministry of humanitarian affairs, Ahmed Haroun. There are great health needs in the towns of Abyei, Meiram, Mugled and along River Kiir. Last week, Dr. Tabitha was seen in her ministry preparing drugs, lab apparatus, satellite phones and other medical facilities for the disputed area of Abyei.

Previously, emergency health cases involving operations and referral cases were taken care of in Higlig, a two hours drive away from Abyei. With the closure of the highway linking Abyei and Higlig, citizens with complicated health cases would have to go either to El-Obeid or Wau which is yet to be linked by bridge under construction.

Dr. Tabitha Butrus is one of the hard working ministers from the SPLM serving in the government of national unity. She has been in most troubled spots with health concern throughout the country. Ahmed Haroun, an ICC inductee accused with orchestrating the genocide in Darfur is expected to brief with the Misseriya for better as he represents NCP political bureau.

In another development, the advance team slated to receive Abyei leader Edward Lino Wuor has arrived in the town since yesterday. Edward Lino is expected to be in Abyei next week. He will head an administration appointed by SPLM leadership but not endorsed by NCP that favors Misseriya's participation though they have no presence in Abyei locality.

For the citizens of Abyei, Dr. Tabitha's visit will be a big boost for their incoming SPLM government.


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