A Tribute to Fr. Philip Gaboush

March 2, 2008

Before the New Sudan, there was Fr. Philip Gaboush. Seeing the gross injustices perpetuated by successive regimes in Khartoum, Fr. Gaboush left his priestly vocation to become an advocate for human rights and fair government. Like a rock, he stood as a bulwark against religious and racial hegemony and domination. Persecuted for his beliefs, he never wavered but stood steadfast, earning the admiration of foes and friends alike. He excelled in his chosen profession so much so that he helped shape the New Sudan.

Fr. Gaboush was a visionary who anticipated the “problems” of the Sudan. Like the true patriot he was, he tried to forestall it by redefining what it is to be a Sudanese. Where ever there was gross injustice, there was Fr.Gaboush.

On behalf of the marginalized, he fought successive Khartoum regimes that he became a champion of the New Sudan. The world in general and Sudan in particular is the poorer for having lost him. However, we are blessed that his vision of a new Sudan will continue to endure.

Ottawa SPLM Chapter


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