43 killed and 70 wounded on the part of the Messeriya in a clash with SPLA in Meiram

Media Monitoring Report, 2 March 2008
(Al-Rai Al-Aam)

At least 43 persons killed and 70 others wounded on the part of the Messeriya in clashes took place yesterday between the Messeriya and the SPLA in Daleiba area, 30 km from Meiram. Rockets, tanks and lights weapons were used in the fighting.

Meanwhile UNICEF evacuated its staff due to the deterioration of the situation in the region.

Chairman of Abyei Liberation Front, Mr. Mohamed Al-Ansari, told the newspaper yesterday that the clashes occurred as retaliation to SPLA last week attack on the area of Aradeiba and its refusal to withdraw south of 1.1.1956 Line. He said SPLA used 12 tanks, 24 land cruisers and rockets. he said the Messeriya destroyed 7 land cruisers and one tank adding that the Messeriya lost 43 lives among them commander Suyoof Ahmed Hamid and his deputy Musa Manzool. He said the wounded, 70 persons, were transported by animals to Mujlad for treatment.

He has called upon the central government to intervene to ensure the implementation of what was agreed upon whereby SPLA should withdraw south of 1.1.1956 Line.


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