Over 90 people killed in clashes between SPLA , Misseirya tribe

2 March 2008 (Miraya FM)

More than 90 people were killed and wounded in renewed clashes between the Sudan People’s Liberation Army (SPLA) and the Misseirya tribe in Tebriab in south Mayram.

The head of the Abyei Liberation Front Mohammed, Omer Al-Ansari, said that the clashes were in retaliation for the recent SPLA attacks in Aradeb area.

The Secretary of the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement in Abyei, Chol Chan, accused the central government of supporting the Misseirya tribe with arms and held it responsible for the clashes.

Meanwhile,  the Secretary of the Misseirya tribal chief in Abyei, Rahma Abdel Rahman, Al-Nur said that the efforts exerted to calm the situation between the Misseirya and the Dinka Ngok are still continuing.

SPLA officials were not available for an immediate comment.

The United Nations affirmed that the humanitarian and health situation in Abyei is deteriorating due to the renewed clashes in the area.

Speaking to Miraya FM, the Deputy Head of the UN Mission in Sudan, Boroso Sadiqi, said that there are shortages of food in the area due to the closure of the roads leading to Abyei.


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