South Kordofan AEC Embarks on Consultations in March

By:  Al Sammani Awadallah

March 01, 2008 (Sudan Vision Daily)

Assessment and Evaluation Commission (AEC) for South Kordofan will hold a workshop at the beginning of the coming March to inaugurate its functions after a Presidential Decree has been issued for its establishment in accordance with CPA provisions.

The Commission's Chairman, Al-Dirdeeri Mohammed Ahmed, said that following the workshop the Commission will tour the state to convene hearing sessions preparatory for drafting its first report to be submitted to the State's Legislative Council.

Al-Dirdeeri told Sudan Vision that AEC's basic tasks are represented in holding meetings with the State's government, listening to the statements of citizens, visiting all locations and checking financial aspects, particularly revenues allocated for the State to ensure they have been spent on the needs of the State as per the stipulations of the peace agreement. He affirmed that the Commission does not undertake any other executive tasks on behalf of the State's government or the security or police authorities.

He explained that the Commission submits its report to the Presidency of the Republic after consultations with citizens and the State's legislative assembly and government regarding any amendment to be introduced on South Kordofan Protocol. The Presidency of the Republic, he added, will then adopt any amendments agreed upon. He indicated that these steps constitute the final arrangements for installing peace in South Kordofan.

Al-Dirdeeri further pointed out that South Kordofan AEC is one of other commissions stipulated by the CPA to ensure implementation of the agreement by its two partners. "It is a newly formed body that the peace agreement required to be formed in the second half of its implementation. It has been formed on schedule so that all parties may get set for the elections to be held in the first half of the agreement's third anniversary," he said.


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