New group in south Kordufan accuses Sudan SPLM of violating peace deal

February 26, 2008 (Sudan Tribune)

A new group in southern Kordufan accused the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM) of violating the Comprehensive Peace Agreement slamming the failure of federal to take the appropriated measures.

According to a statement circulated in Kadugli, Southern Kordufan, on 23 February, a newly formed group called the “Rawarga Sons General Union” has accused the “Movement Army” of violating the Comprehensive Peace Agreement and committing repeated assassinations in the area.

The statement also criticized Sudanese authorities as well as other governmental entities for failing to take action against the perpetrators of such crimes, the UNMIS reported on Tuesday.

The Union stated there would be no immunity accorded to any SPLM official or Sudan People’s Liberation Army commanders inside or outside Kadugli. The statement also said that UN vehicles would not be granted immunity to travel through Hawazma tribal land to reach SPLM areas.

UNMIS Sector Commander Col. Sherif Seif Eldien Hussein will go with Sudan Armed Forces Fifth Division Commander Maj. Gen. Abed Al Azeem to Torge (south of Kadugli) tomorrow (February 27) to assess the security situation. An emergency Area Joint Military Committee will be held on 28 February to discuss security in the area.

On the other hand, the leadership of the Misiryyah tribe condemned statement made by Sudan people’s liberation movement leader Edward Lino in which he rejected creation of joint administration between Miserria and Dinka Ngok tribes.

They said they are awaiting response from ruling National Congress Party and SPLM on their proposal on joint administration.

Tribal leader Mukhtar Babu Nimr said they are expecting to get a response on the joint administration proposal from the joint administration between NCP, SPLM within today or tomorrow.

He denied reports published by newspapers on opening of the roads leading to Abyei, saying the roads are still closed and will remain so until there will be an outcome from joint committee’s meetings.

He said the joint administration proposal was temporary and not a final solution.

"The proposal is meant to be a beginning for the resolution of the issue by the presidency, it will help ease the tension until a lasting solution is found" Nimr said


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