Abyei Administrator Says Security Improving

27 February 2008 (Sudan Radio Service)

Abyei chief administrator for the SPLM, Edward Lino, claims that security in Abyei has improved over the past few days.

Missiriya militia have recently set up road blocks to close off routes into Abyei from the north. SPLA roadblocks along Abyei’s southern routes have had a similar effect. Addressing a press conference in Khartoum on Monday, Mr. Lino accused high-level political figures he declined to name of trying to disrupt the CPA by ordering that the roads be blocked and Abyei town choked off. He said he does not hold the Missiriya responsible for the situation.

He said intervention from the Joint Defense Board, a joint NCP-SPLM body in charge of military affairs in Abyei, has led to resolution of the problem.

[Edward Lino]: “The situation in abyei now, as we talk today is better than the previous days. Now there is a committee from the Joint Defense Board. They left Abyei and are going to open the roads between Abyei and Highlijh and between Abyei and Mujlad.”

Mr. Lino also says that the demarcation of the Abyei border with northern Sudan will start soon. He added that to support peace in Abyei, his administration will organize a peace and reconciliation conference to be attended by all Abyei communities.


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