Insecurity causes commodity price hike in Sudan's Abyei

February 24, 2008 (NSV)

The citizens of Abyei, Gogrial and all neighboring towns are suffering high increase of prices in their local markets. The latest surge in prices from food to non-food items are due to insecurity caused by Baggara Miseriya incursions in Abyei territory which has cut the supply of goods drastically.

Adding to the spiralling prices in Abyei is the closing down of Abyei-northern Sudan highway by the nomadic Misseriya tribe claiming great share in the incoming Abyei civil government to be headed by Edward Lino Abyei from the Sudan People‘s Liberation Movement (SPLM). "The prices of food stuffs, beverages (and) even prepaid mobile airtime have been doubled by traders," said Atem Bol, a resident of Abyei.

The New Sudan Vision has been told that while the Baggara Misseriya closed the main road leading to southern Sudan through Abyei, Sudan Armed Forces (SAF) in the area are the only ones bringing in goods to the town. The sources linked strong cooperation between SAF and Bagara Misseriya trying to disrupt normal lives of the Dinka Ngok and other IDPs returning from more than 20-years stay in displacement and wandering in northern Sudan. SAF is managing many businesses in many towns of the Sudan through a scheme known as "investment" within the army.

In a separate development, the self-styled leader of Abyei Liberation Front, (ALF) Mohamed Omer Al Ansari threatened any authority coming to operate in Abyei in a forum organized by Ahkbar al Yom newspaper two days ago in Khartoum. "The government of Edward Lino appointed by the SPLM must be dissolved, my government will also be dissolved and new state with the name of "Bahr el Ghazal" should be created."

Mohamed Omer Al Ansari who went to Khartoum last week is boasting of amassing enough arms to liberate Abyei from the "Dinka" if his demands are not met by the central government. Citizens of Abyei are eagerly awaiting to receive their leader Edward Lino within the coming days.

Preparation for reception of the new government in Abyei is in advance stage as The New Sudan Vision has learned.


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