Abyei Liberation Front to close all SPLM offices in western Kordofan

Media Monitoring Report, 19 February 2008

Abyei Liberation Front to close all SPLM offices in western Kordofan (AlWattan)
Abyie Liberation Front (ALF) adopted Monday a package of decisions spanning evacuation of the SPLA troops from the North border of 1/1/1956, suspension of Chiefs courts in the towns of West Kordofan, closure of all SPLM’s offices in the western sector and the roads, banning delivery of food supplies to Abyie and North of Bahr el Ghazal and Unity States as well as halting utilities pertinent to GoSS in Mairam area.

ALF’s Secretary-General Ali Kangi told (Alwatan Daily) that the decisions were taken in an inclusive ALF conference held at Abu Agbar area, 31 km south of Muglad town and in the presence of 2261 ALF members.

However, the ALF earlier demanded the Presidency to set up Abyie Administration and representation of the ALF in the administration. Kangi said that the ALF directed the Miseria civil administration not conduct any kind of reconciliation before the implementation of Abyie protocol and the withdrawal of the SPLA to the South of 1/1/1956 borders, adding that the front decided to in case of failure to comply with these demands until next Friday, it would execute its second plan, which he did not reveal.

In the meantime, while the citizens of Abyie area called on the Presidency for the immediate interference to curb the escalating tension in the area, GoSS Presidency Affairs Minister Dr. Luca Biong accused NCP elements of escalating the situation in the area through exploiting some people of Miseria tribe against the SPLA.

Meanwhile, Miseria Chiefs in Mariam area warned of eruption of new clashes with Dinka due to attacks of Dinka Ngok against Miseria.

Miseriya self-appointed “governor” of Abyei Mohamed Omer al Anssari meets with Head of National Assembly Security and Defence Committee, Minister of State for Humanitarian Affairs (Haroun), Coordinator of PDF (AlSudani)
In a related development, the Youth of Abyie area said in statement they issued Monday the assassination and robbery incidents were increasing, indicating that the main strategic roads leading to Abyie were completely closed North and South wards.

They urged Abyie Dinka citizens to appeal to the Presidency and GoSS Officials to interfere to contain the situation, calling for the implementation of Abyie protocol and handing over the security administration to the Locality Executive Director.

In another development, the newly self-appointed Wali and Chief Commander of ALF Mohamed Omer Alansari arrived here Monday and is scheduled to meet with Chairperson of Defense and Security at the National Assembly General (Police) Galal Taour, Humanitarian Affairs Minister Ahmed Haroun and General-Coordinator of Popular Defense Forces (PDF) Kamal Eddin Ibrahim.

Alansari told (Alsudani Daily) denied ALF was armed by terrorist circles, saying that his assuming power in Abyie gained the consent of the citizens, adding,” I came to protect peace, I defend an issue that concerns my people and I have no relations with the two partners”.

Alansari called on First Vice-President and SPLA/M Chairman Salva Kiir to dissolve the recently SPLM’s established Administration and withdrawal of SPLA’s troops to the South of 1/1/1956 borders. He said that the government, which he set up in Abyie, comprising sons of Dinka, a matter which assures his conviction on peaceful co-existence with others.

Alansari disclosed that he was commanding an approximately 12 [sic] fighters ready to counter any attack from any side, expressing reservation over revealing military aspects due to security reasons.

In the same context, Miseria leading figure Ahmed Azoza the absence of Alansari’s government in reality, explaining the denunciation of the citizens of Miseria in the area to Alansari’ Government.

NCP holds SPLA responsible for tensions in Abyei (AlRai AlAam)

On the other hand, NCP’s Secretary of Foreign Relations Dr. Mustafa Osman Ismael emphasized the government keenness and commitment to protect Abyie citizens.

He told reporters Monday that if the government failed to protect its citizens, there would not be any justification for its presence, holding the SPLA responsible of flaring up the situations.

Dr. Ismael denied accusing the NCP of fueling the clashes in Abyie, stressing that Abyie would remain until the referendum part of the North borders, should the parties reach any solution.


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