Three killed, five injured in tribal clashes between Miseriya and Dajo in Lagawa

Media Monitoring Report, 18 February 2008

Three persons were killed and five others injured in armed clashes between some Dajo and Meseriya tribal sons in Lagawa, South Kordofan State. Two persons killed from the Meseriya while one killed on the part of the Dajo in attacked launched by the Dajo on the Meseriya.

The Meseriya were attacked while providing water to their animals from boreholes in Lagawa. Five injured persons were hospitalized in Lagawa, four from the Meseriya and one from the Dajo.

Emir Masri of the Enainat said the situation was under the control of the police and the problem is solved. He said the reasons for the problem were not clear but sources of Al-khartoum learned that a Dajo man fired in the air and the Dajo tribe thought they were fired at by the Arabs and consequently attacked the Meseriya even before investigation.


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