South Sudan Vice President Dismisses SPLA Threat to Miseeriah as Baseless

By: Alsamani Awadallah

13 February 2008 (Sudan Vision Daily)

Vice President of the Government of South Sudan, Dr. Riek Machar, has affirmed that security and political conditions in Abyei region are quite stable, dismissing the reports that SPLA has allowed the Misseriah 24 hours to leave the area. Dr. Machar told Sudan Vision that the media is responsible for circulating inflated reports on threats made by SPLA in the region,

pointing out that SPLA treats the Miseeriah on equal footing with other citizens and that there is now considerable harmony between the Miseeriah and the Dinka. He further accused parties he did not name of trying to incite sedition and to involve other parties in raising turmoil in Abyei region.

"Those same parties had previously inflamed trouble in Griniti in North Bahr-al-Ghazal," he said, stressing absence of tensions in Abyei.


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