Miseriya react to Dinka ultimatum to Miseriya, give Dinka 24 hours to leave Muglad and al Meram

Media Monitoring Report, 13 February 2008

The Miseriya Abyei Liberation Front (ALF) has reacted to the 24 hours ultimatum which the Dinka has given to the Miseriya to leave Abyei by asking the Dinka Sultans to evacuate their people in al Muglad, al Meram and al Sitaib within 24 hours.

The ALF Spokesperson, Ali Kanji, said his Front has yesterday held a meeting with 28 Dinka Sultans and asked them to evacuate their people from Kordofan in reaction to the Dinka move on asking the Miseriya to leave Abyei 24 hours.


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