Machar: Miseriya supported by PDF, may attack Abyei, Girinty and Samaha in hours

Media Monitoring Report, 13 February 2008
(Akhbar AlYom)

The GoSS Vice President, Dr. Riek Machar, said the Miseriya and Popular Defence Forces (PDF) are mobilizing their people in Abyei. He considers this move as a declaration of war.

Speaking to Akhbar AlYom from Juba, he said we know that the Miseriya will attack in next hours Abyei, Girinty and Samaha. Machar denied truth of reports on missing northern merchants in Abyei.

The newspaper has got information from Abyei saying that 15 merchants are missing and that their families do not know their whereabouts.

The Nazir of the Miseriya, Mukhtar Babo Nimir, said the SPLM move on establishing a
Government in Abyei is a clear violation of the CPA and, hence, they are against it.


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