Miseriya bloc roads leading to south Sudan

Media Monitoring Report, 10 February 2008

The Miseriya have blocked the main road between al Muglad and Abyei at Balom area and are threatening to block all roads to south Sudan.

A group of the Miseriya leaders told AlIntibaha that this move is meant to implement the statements by Amir Mukhtar Babo in which he asked the Presidency to immediately find a lasting solution for the Abyei crisis or alternatively the Miseriya will bloc all roads to stop transport of goods to areas in south Sudan.

The Miseriya sources told the newspaper that the Hijlej-Mayom road will be blocked today. This would be followed, according to same sources, by blocking the main road from Dasosa to Bahr al Arab.

The Miseriya leader, Abdelrasoul al Nour, said to AlIntibaha that blocking of roads by the Miseriya is the result of SPLA insistence not to redeploy from areas north of 1956 north-south border as decided by the Joint Defence Board. He anticipated that this will lead to clashes similar to those of the last month between SPLA and the Miseriya.

Abdelrasoul said the al Meram-Aweil road has been blocked, after it had been reopened, due establishing new SPLA camps in Bahr al Arab area.


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