Clashes between SAF and SPLA on Friday, Miseriya bloc road to Abyei

Media Monitoring Report, 10 February 2008

Tensions are back again to Abyei following clashes between SAF and SPLA in the northern part of the area. The clashes resulted in the killing of a number of people.

While, the Miseriya blocked the road to Abyei, the SPLA has stopped the movement of the Miseriya to Bahr Al Arab towards the south.

The NCP President in Abyei, John Zakaria Atim, warned of escalation of the situation in the area. Speaking to AlSahafa, he called on the presidency to intervene immediately. He said Abyei now is completely under siege, no one can enter Abyei as all roads leading to area are blocked by the Miseriya Arab in protest against the killing of one of their tribesmen by the SPLA.

The SPLM Spokesperson in Abyei, Wur Majak, said that seven of the SPLA personnel have been killed by SAF after a traffic accident involving one of the cars of the Commissioner of Timnem of the Unity State. Majak said the Miseriya have refused the UN intervention, mobilized their fighters and blocked the road leading to Abyei. He called for withdrawing the SAF force from the area in line with the Abyei Protocol.

However, John Zakaria said after the traffic accident involving SAF and the Commissioner of Timnem cars, the SPLA fired on SAF car before intentionally killing a Miseriya man, who was in one of the SAF cars that left Abyei. He explained that this incident incited the Miseriya and encouraged them to mobilize their troops
north of Abyei.

He said the situation may deteriorate further as the Miseriya are insisting to bloc the road to the town and the SPLA is refusing to allow the Miseriya to head to Bahr al Arab. John belives that it is important that the Presidency sends immediately a committee to the area in order to contain the situation


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