Miseriya kill three, raid 8,000 cattle, says official

Media Monitoring Report, 10 February 2008
(The Citizen)

At least three people have been reported killed and 8,000 cattle raided when the Miseriya launched a fresh offensive Friday afternoon on the Unity State town of Bunki near Kharassana where oil is being exploited, an
official said.

Dhol Riek Kuny, the Payam Administrator of Kharassana, said the attackers were riding on horses with 2-3 people on one, which is a traditional means of transport for the Miseriya.

He said troops have been deployed on the main road running from Unity State capital, Bentiu to Muglad, where the attackers were believed to have come from, in an effort to recover the stolen cattle.

He said the Government of Unity State would dialogue with the Government of Southern Kordofan in an attempt to cement ties to curb the rising raiding phenomenon for the interest of peace, which is increasingly eluding the area.

Eye witnesses said the Miseriya attack on Bunki was part of their plan to push southerners from their legitimate areas ahead of north-south border demarcation due in April this year.

The Payam Administrator yesterday said the owners of the cattle were preparing to retaliate in an attempt to recover their cattle.

Kharassana Payam is the area where remnants of SAF are still hiding after they were told to leave southern Sudan territories per provisions of the CPA.

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