SPLM: Miseriya are guests, have no rights in Abyei

Media Monitoring Report, 10 February 2008
(Rai AlShaab)

In Abyei, the new [SPLM] Commissioner of Abyei, Joseph Dot Fakwat, announced, at the funeral of the late James Ajeng who was a member of the National Assembly representing Abyei, the names of the Ministers of the County who were appointed on 7 February. The Ministers are: Musa Magok Minister of Education, Nan Od Minister of Health, Kual Arop Kual Minister of Agriculture, Aber Achwin Minister of Housing, Majak
Abwem Bagt Minister of Finance.

Dot said the Governor of the County Edward Lino, who has been appointed by Gen. Salva Kiir FVP and GoSS President, will arrive soon in Abyei. He told the public gathering from different parts of Abyei “this is your government which includes advisers, administrative officers, police officers and executive officers, if you don’t care for it, it would be your problem”.

He urged the three tribal chiefs (Sultans): Kual Deng Majok, Nol Fakwat and Bagt Makwaj and their Omdas, and the administrative officers to go to their areas so as to shoulder their responsibilities there. He ordered
the Abyei administrative officer to follow up instructions and provide reports.

Dot sent a clear message to the Miseriya Amirs, Sheikhs and Omdas through the Miseriya Omda in Abyei Kabashi al Tom, saying that “Abyei area is owned by Dinka Ngok, not the Miseriya who have no rights to land and elections”. He said they are against the occupation by the Miseriya of the lands of the Dinka Ngok Chiefdoms and carrying of arms by the Miseriya.

The public gathering was also addressed by the Commissioner of Fariang County, James Mol Balkoly, who said that Abyei is actually part of Fariang, a group of tribes who have same traditions in Western Nuer. He explained that Abyei has no relationship with Bahr Al Ghazal or Dinka Toj. He urged Dinka Ngok, if they want, to join their Nuer people who include Fariang, Bayn and Kin Akoj in addition to Ngok tribes.

The Adviser of Warap State Arop Deng (from Abyei), said “Abyei is owned by the Dinka Ngok, not by the Miseriya, it is a gift from God, the international community is a witness. We will die for the cause of Abyei”. He incited the Ngok youth to attack the Miseriya.

The Miseriya Omda in Abyei, Kabashi al Tom, who addressed the public gathering and commended the late James Ajeng, held a meeting on 8 February with the Miseriya leaders in al Muglad and briefed them on the message which the Commissioner of Abyei had asked him to pass to the Miseriya leaders.

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