Jalab warns against Miseriya threat to cut off roads

Media Monitoring Report, 6 February 2008
(Akhir Lahzah and Khartoum Monitor)

Akhir Lahzah: Central Sudan tribe threatens to cut off south over disputed Abyei region
One of the most prominent Misiryyah tribe leaders, Mukhtar Babo Nimir, has threatened to cut off roads leading to southern Sudan, within the next few days, and completely isolate the region from the north if the government of national unity fails to find a solution to the issue of Abyei [oil-rich disputed region between north and south] or if it maintains the status quo.

Nimir told Akhir Lahzah in a telephone call yesterday that the Misiryyah had completely closed off the Mayram - Aweil road after the government failed to move the Sudan People's Liberation Army south of the 1956 border. He said the Abyei - Bantiu road would also be closed in order to isolate southern Sudan and squeeze it economically until the Misiryyah regained their rights and the presidency took a decision to resolve the issue of Abyei.

"We are being pressured by our people after issuing the order to stop fighting and moving southwards and to give the ministerial committee a chance to resolve the crisis," Nimir said, adding "however, the committee has wriggled out of the Abyei issue leaving it to the presidency of the republic."

"If it wasn't for our trust in Al-Bashir, we would have breached the peace agreement," Nimir said. He further pointed out that the SPLM was taking over positions in the locality and excluding the Misiryyah permanently.

Khartoum Monitor: Jalab warns against Miseriya threat to cut off roads
State Minister at the Ministry of Animal Wealth, Ismail Khamis Jalab, warned against cutting off roads leading to south Sudan by Miseriya tribe which threatened to cut off south Sudan from northern Sudan.

If roads were cutt off, it would have political and security implications to the area and would strain the relations between the two parts of the country and discourage unity, said Jalab.

Given the present administrative vacuum in South Kordofan State, the Miseriya move will impact negatively on the security situation in the State, he added.


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