Condolences for Fr. Philip Abbas Ghaboush

Dear brethren,
We wish to extend our condolences to our brethren from Nuba Mountains and the marginalised people of Sudan for the tragic death of our hero, Fr. Gaboush. Sudan has lost a beloved and courageous son and leader. Fr. Gaboush will be remembered for a lot of good things in his life time, including the great sacrifices he had undergone in fighting and enlightening and liberating his people across the country. May AlMighty Rest his soul in peace and eternity.
Please, send me his biography. We wish to pay our condolences and want this distributed in all our forums and among SPLM chapters in Diaspora.
Martin Mou Mou

Condolence Letter to the Philip family and Nuba people
Dear, Family
I was deeply saddened to hear about the death of our Father and hero Philip Ghabush, I know how difficult this must be for you. My thoughts and Prayers with you and everyone who share this moment of sorrow, I and my friends in the city of Fort worth, Texas share in your grief and send you our love. I know how much you will miss him. I encourage you to draw on your strength and the strength of people around you. Philip was such a leader, and Father who devoted his time, knowledge, and ability to community welfare of people of Sudan in general and Nuba people specifically. I remember one time when he visited state of Taxes, I got chance to talk to him in person, it was a moment I will never forget it. May God comfort you among the other mourners of Zion and Jerusalem.
I include some pictures of Philip Ghabush when he visited Dallas Texas.
Kojo Locho

FAther Philip01

Father Philip02

father philip03

Father Philip04



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