Southern Kordofan: Omda of Ganai arrested by SPLA

From: Tenth periodic report of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights on the situation of human rights in the Sudan (28 November 2008)

On 24 January 2008, SPLA soldiers arrested the Omda (local chief) of Ganai village (Southern Kordofan) Brought to the SPLA assembly area of White Lake-Jaw, and detained there for six days, until 30 January, he was freed after the intervention of a Kadugli-based SPLA colonel.

The Omda is a leader of the National Congress Party (NCP) in his village. His arrest occurred shortly after he hosted a two-day visit by his Amir, an important and controversial NCP figure in the state, at his house during his tour of the area. The Omda says that SPLA soldiers from White Lake came to Ganai and questioned him about his NCP work and the Amir's visit and then ordered him to come to White Lake with them. The Omda fetched a gun from his house and refused.

Later the same day, there was a second, related quarrel involving his nephew in nearby Angolo, and both the nephew and the Omda were arrested. SPLA and SPLM sources claim that the Omda had waved his gun in a threatening manner at SPLA troops moving through Angolo.

According to the Omda, he was slapped hard once on the right side of the face by a SPLA captain. He was detained in a thorn enclosure, which is a typical detention site in areas without solid buildings. He slept on the ground, eating poorly and feeling sick. He was never questioned or brought before a judge. His mobile phone with a 40 Sudanese pound (SDP) balance and reading glasses were taken from him and not returned upon his release.


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