More than 10,000 Mujahid establish separate PDF camp in Muglad

Media Monitoring Report, 29 January 2008
(Rai AlShaab)

More than 10,000 Popular Defence Forces (PDF) Mujahideen have established a camp under the name of Martyr Ombaya in al Muglad area due to differences between them and the PDF Coordination Office for the
western area of South Kordofan based in al Fula.

The Commander of the camp, Bakheet Mohamed Ali, told Rai AlShaab yesterday that the reason for establishing this camp is to ensure the rights of the Miseriya as the Government has not fulfilled its pledges on recruiting them to the security and police.

Instead, 46 of those who had been absorbed earlier in security and 320 others in "nomadic" police have been dismissed. According to Bakheet these PDF soldiers will also defend the Miseriya tribe.

Similarly, al Sadiq al Mahdi Bakheet, the Mujahideen Spokesperson, affirmed that the Mujahideen are insisting to get their rights as PDF Mujahideen.

There are efforts for establishing branches (camps) in al Meram, al Mugadama, al Sitaib, al Dibab and Omrakiz.


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