Sudan’s Misseriya gunmen seized weapons from police force in Abuzabad

Abuzabad, Southern Kordofan
January 11, 2008 (NSV)

On Thursday armed Misseriya tribesmen attacked Abuzabad police post in a bid to free some of their arrested tribesmen. The incident which took place at 10pm left serious injuries on the side of police.

The armed men took away AK-47, machine gun (Doshka) and freed all their members from the police cell, according to a source, whose name are being withheld for security concerns by The New Sudan Vison. "They shot bullets in the air allover the town and took off to Duwas," the source added.

After the armed Misseriya attacked the police at Abuzabad, they fled back to Duwas railway station. It was latter reported the Misseriya rang to the police station in the morning after the attack to "follow them if they are brave" enough.

Last September, the Misseriya from the area fought with Nuba Ajang that borders them, where several people lost their lives in the war that erupted between the two neighboring communities.

For the last months, Misseriya tribesmen fought with many communities and armed groups. The last recent attacks involved Miseeriya tribesmen and the SPLA along Meiram-Aweil highway.

Following the attack at police force in the middle of Abuzabad market, state authorities are yet to contact Misseriya tribal leaders to hand over government weapons they have seized.


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