Presidency Endorses Redeployment of Forces as Scheduled

By:  Al Sammani Awadallah

January 08, 2008 (Sudan Vision Daily)

The Presidential meeting held yesterday in the Republican Palace instructed Governors of the Blue Nile and South Kordofan States to impose authority of the state in their regions and provide them with prerequisite services.

In press statements he made yesterday, Minister of State in the Presidency, Idrees Mohammed Abdulgadir, said the Presidential meeting had listened to two summaries: one submitted by the Joint Defence Council and another one by the Technical Committee for Demarcation of 1/1/1956 Border, revealing that the two summaries included the items finalized to date, a plan for reorganization of the joint unit and the Council's schemes for redeployment of SAF and SPLA forces in accordance with the provisions of the peace agreement.

Idrees said the redeployment of troops will be completed on the 9th of the current month, which is the deadline set for that process.

Idrees told reporters that the Presidency had also heard the Joint Defence Council's plan for securing oil installations and regions by the joint and integrated units. He underscored the need for coordination among the Ministry of Energy and police and security forces in both the North and South for overseeing protection of oil regions.

The Chairman of the Border Demarcation Commission, Prof. Abdullah Al-Sadig, revealed that the Commission had finalized sorting out the documents it had received from Egypt, Britain and the National Archives, indicating that after finalizing the demarcation of the borderline on paper and procuring the Presidency's approval of its report, the Commission will embark on the demarcation process on the ground.

He further stressed the need for financial and security support, participation of security bodies and SAF, SPLA and police troops to protect demarcation teams in addition to administrative support and coordination as well as orienting citizens on the mission of the Committee.

On the other hand, official spokesman of the Joint Defence Council, Staff Maj. Gen. Abdulrahman Mohammed Zein, stated that SAF will tomorrow, Wednesday, handover oil regions to the joint command and complete its pull out to the north before the 9th of the current January.


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