Presidency meeting hears report of Joint Defence Council

7 January 2008

The Presidency meeting, chaired by President of the Republic Field Marshal Omer Al-Bashir, has got acquainted with the plan of the Joint Defence Council for securing the petroleum areas by the joint/integrated units, which would undertake securing the outer circle of the oil fields and installations, while the inner circle of the oil fields and installations will be assumed by the security forces.

The Presidency meeting, following hearing the report of the Joint Defence Council, which was presented by chairman of the council Gen. Oyay Deng and his deputy Gen. Haj Ahmed Al-Gaili at the Republican Palace Monday, directed carrying out the necessary coordination with the Ministry of Energy, federal and south police and the Security Organ for supervision over protection of oil fields and installations at the level of the internal circle.

The meeting asked the Ministry of Finance to provide the required budgets for the redeployment of troops and building and integrating the joint units at all the specified areas in the north and the south and their training.

State Minister at the Presidency of the Republic Idris Mohamed Abdel-Gadir said the meeting directed the Walis (governors) of Blue Nile and South Kordofan States to control the organs of rule and administration and provide services to all areas in the southern parts of the two states from which the SPLA would be redeployed to the south.

He added that the report of the Joint Defence Council included the achievements of the council, which supervises deployment, formation, building and command of the joint/integrated units.

Abdel-Gadir said in a press statement that the report reflected what has been achieved so far of deployment of the joint/integrated units at all areas specified in the comprehensive cease-fire agreement in the south and some areas of southern Blue Nile and southern Kordofan besides the council's plan for completion of the redeployment of the Armed Forces and SPLA to the north and south in accordance with the provisions of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement, affirming that the redeployment operations would be completed on its set date.


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