12 Missaria Live claimed in renewed Confrontation with SPLA

4 January 2008 (SMC)

More than 12 lives were claimed from Misarria tribe in a clash erupted with SPLA in south Kordofan in less than one day following the visit of federal delegation to the area. And also after LT Gen Salve Kir instructions to SPLA forces that it should withdraw from the state.

An eye witness told (smc) that clashes renewed between the two sides today when SPLA forces relocated at Bahr Al Arab station (north ward of the 1956 borders line) attack Missoria and Killed 12 nomads from the tribe besides injury of casualties. Tensions still high in the area southward of Maram.

National assembly MPS Mohammed Abdallah Adam describes this day incidents as most as serious than the past ones particularly those incidents erupted following the visit of the federal delegation to the area. Adam demands a package of practical measures to create new situation and urges the two partners of CPA to lead a serious move so as to contain the situation.

In his yesterday meeting with Missaria community in Khartoum Adam said that they should carryout meetings with political forces and the organization of civil societies and brief them on the latest development in south Kordofan.

He said they should also lead meeting with UN in order that the international organization should reactive monitory mechanisms to protect the innocent civilians in the area.

He noted that the South Kordofan incidents are more serious than SPLM freezing of partnership which attracted the attrition of media for longtime. However he said the CPA should protect innocent civilians and not those in charge of power.

The following were the names of Missaria live claimed:

Awlad Kamil Clan names were: Dilaha Adam Kadish: Abdallah Al Dood: Adam Hussain Shuwasha: Ibrahim Abu Shaira: Abashar Ahmed Hassan Hussain Ahmed Hussain. While those killed form Al Faiareen Clan namely were: Hamad Salih: Silaman Hamad Ali: Al Dood Yagoub Barshams Adam Al Gisair: Musa Mohammed Harin and Zkoria Al Dood Mohammed.


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