The UN force commander hopes that SPLA and SAF will redeploy before January the 9th

4 January 2008 (Miraya FM)

The UN Force Commander, Jasper Leader Singh, asserted the importance of redeployment of SPLA and SAF before January the ninth.

Speaking to Miraya FM Jasper said that he hopes the two parties will complete redeployment by the deadline In the other hand, Singh assured that the SPLA started the redeployment south from the areas of Debab and Abu Matarig in South Kordofan, while the SAF withdrew from the south to the north.
The UN Force Commander added that the joint military committee will resume meetings to resolve disagreements between the two parties.

SPLM Major General Bior Ajang and member of the Joint Defense Board said that the Sudan Liberation Movement is yet to complete withdrawal from the south of the country.

In his part, Lt Colonel Al Sawarmi Khalid, the manager of the military spokesperson's office, told Miraya FM that the armed forces withdrew from the south, except for the areas of the oil production, which SAF is guarded by the direct orders from the president, besides, he said, the SPLA is still having presence in those areas.


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