Misseriya Calls for SPLA withdrawal from 1956 boarder Line

By: Zuleikan Abdel Raziz

January 03, 2008 (Sudan Vision)

Leaders of Messeriya criticized the delay of SPLA to withdraw its army south of 1956 boarder. In special statement of the chief of Messeriya Hireika Izeldeen.

Hireika has criticized the existence of SPLA in 1956 boarder demarcation without orders from its leaders as it is stipulated by the CPA, security arrangements, and article 18/1.

Hireika also disclosed that SPLA is launching cruel practices that target people and their properties especially domestic animals.

He further blamed SPLA for not following the outcome of the meeting that comprised leaders of SPLA and Misseriya held recently in Khartoum.

He rejected the accusation of SPLM that the armed forces backed Misseriya tribes. He affirmed that the armed forces are committed to the Peace agreement and further reiterated Misseriya's commitment to CPA.

Meanwhile Assistant to the spokesman of Misseriya union Mohamed Ahmed Musaad said that the expected visit of the national unity government delegation to South of Kordofan and Bahr el Gahzal should take first hand information and provide the required support.

Musaad pointed out that an urgent relief convoy managed by Misseriya civil society unions and organizations would be directed to the affected area.


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