Renewal of clashes between Ghulfan and Dar Naiema in South Kordofan Diling

PDF: SPLA attacked civilians in South Kordofan with heavy weapons

Media Monitoring Report, 2 January 2008
(AlIntibaha, Sudan Vision)

The area of rural Diling in South Kordofan witnessed again eruption of clashes between Al-Ghulfan and Dar Naiema tribes. At least two people are reported killed.

Popular Defense Force (PDF) commanders deplored SPLA onslaughts on civilians at Al-Meram area of South Kordofan State, considering it as violation to the peace agreement. PDF General Coordinator, Kamaladdin Ibrahim, noted that SLM accusations were baseless, stating that the incidents were mere assaults on civilians. Moreover, he affirmed that those aggressions occurred north of 1956 border line between South and North Sudan.

“The Movement should note blame others” commented Ibrahim, adding that PDF acts upon Sudan Armed Force (SAF) orders, refuting SAF involvement in the fighting flaring in South Kordofan. He noted that local citizens are capable of defending themselves without PDF support.

PDF General Coordinator considered the incidents as reflecting divergence within the SPLM political and military institutions.


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