IDP from south Sudan murdered in Kordofan, police officers looked on

Nov. 29, 07 (NSV)

Reports reaching NSV from Mafura village in Abuzabad, Kordofan, reveal yet another brutal murder of an IDP in that town. James Akot Akuar, 25, from south Sudan's Gogrial, was murdered in front of the police post in Mafura village at around 8pm Monday, witnesses said.

He had gone to a local public club to follow news when he was attacked by a group of the locals. "I saw them beating him and after that he fell down and he was slaughtered," said a terrified eye witness who fled the scene of the murder; he wants to remain anonymous because the murderers are searching for him as a key witness being the only IDP present at the scene of the murder.

"Since I fled two days ago, many suspicious looking people are following me here." The man has now fled the town where he took refuge after the murder. He is looking for safety elsewhere; when NSV tried to contact him this afternoon, he was gone to unknown location.

Mafura and villages around Abuzabad are very dangerous areas for south Sudanese IDPs. Last year an IDP from Bahr el Ghazal lost his two sons, who were murdered by an Arab Misseriya.

The culprit was arrested after CID police found traces of blood in his cloths. However, he was later freed by a presiding judge in Abuzabad. The father of the murdered boys of 11 and 9 remained desperate waiting for any help that may come to rescue him with his big loss.

In Mafura itself, this is not the first for an IDP to be murdered in such a fashion that involves knifing and slaughtering. It is a common way of death in the villages occupied by Arab nomads.

When police in Abuzabad were contacted to intervene, they gave negative answer; "That village belongs to Southern Kordofan. We cannot go there.

"A police van came from Legawa and took the body of James Akot Akuar," reports one IDP in the area.

According to Islamic ritual, a dead body should be buried immediately. It is believed the murdered IDP will follow the way of the rest before him who were buried in unmarked grave.

Details of James Akot murder are coming out, it is being said that law enforcers were involved because IDPs are not being protected by police or the army in northern Sudan.


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