RMRJ Warns JEM against Targeting Kordofan

28 November 2007 (SMC)

Army of Revolutionary Movement for Restoration of Justice (RMRJ) in South Kordofan, commander in chief Abdu Adam Al Ansari confirms that wham has happened in Darfur should not be repeated in any area across the country.

He said rebellion in Darfur has caused huge destruction of human and material resources across the region. He said his movement is committed to the agreement its signed with the government.

He said there is no return to war in Kordofan at all. He said war is over there for good.

Meanwhile Al Ansari hoverer warns JEM against any military activities in Kordofan. He said his army is ready to set back any aggression against Kordofan in collaboration of other national forces Al Ansari noted that his forces have returned to the state voluntarily after signing an agreement without intervention from any foreign parties.


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