Isaac Koko: My response to Mr Bella Kodi

November 18, 2007

Dear Bella,

We were not fighting with SPLM/A to save the SPLM/A alone. We were dying in the first place for our dignity and to save ourselves from being neglected, ignored or misused by others.

Dear Ngotee, thank you very much for your response and to be honest with you I have appreciated it very much. I have already received more than fourteen positive responses from others, yours was the last one and little bit different. Your message has showed me as well how deeply you know much and cares a lot about the SPLM/A in general and the case of our people back home in particular. I congratulate you for that. However, while going through your response, I have noticed some of the following points, which make some headlines to me. These are as follows:

Firstly, from the contest of your message or from the language you used to response back, I have seen that, you seem to have been already conceived some doubts or made some conclusion about my SPLM/A identity. Forgive me if I have misunderstood you. But, I want to asure you that I am a strong believer in SPLM and I will always be an SPLM supporter, but that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t talk, or rais any questions about our right as Nuba.

The people and the group you mentioned in your letter like Nuba Democratic Forum, believe me or not, I have nothing to do with them politically rather than being Nuba all together and be for Nuba cause together.

Secondly, while reading your message, I have realised that you haven’t understood me very well and you haven’t studied and analyse the CPA protocols very well too. All I was saying is that; there have been some mistakes in the CPA agreement, especially regarding the issue of self-determination for South Kordofan State/Nuba Mountains, if South Sudan vote for separation as was mentioned in the protocol of the All Nuba Conference before the signing of peace agreement. But I was saying: let us please than hurry up and work for our selves exclusively more than wasting time and holding the slogan of united Sudan, which is not anymore valid.

Dear Ngottee, it seems to me also you didn’t read the book of Nanne op ‘t Eind (Proud to be Nuba). I device you to go and read the interview part, especially the part of Daniel Kodi, Khamis Jalab, Father Philip and Neuron. These are our greatest leaders, whom we always trust: please try to read their reactions about the CPA and the future of the region in the book of Nanne op ‘t Eind.

Dear Ngottee, it is true that you are enough capable and well educated and excellently equipped in the politics of the SPLM/A, and I am very proud for you in that, but please you need sometimes to reread the whole process with both your eyes, your heart and your mind. Don’t be just too enthusiastic using emotions and feelings. If you want to be a good leader for us in the future, you will need to refocus, concentrate and analyse everything properly, don’t just rush to the conclusion and get convinced very easy by anyone.

It is true as you said that in the agreement it's written about the popular consultation that the Nuba People and the People of the Southern Kordofan state will elect their legislatures and the legislatures will establish Parliamentary Assessment and Evaluation commission to assess and evaluate the implementation of the CPA. But you forgot to add that all these processes and procedures of the legislature and the parliamentary assessment and evaluation commission, would still be subject to the wide negotiations with the government who will also have its own assessment and that is something we can take for guarantees

You know the government’s attitudes very well when it comes to negotiation games. Beside that: if you meditate on the previews and the current political behaviours of the government, especially from the NCP part, you will know that nothing is going to be changed in Sudan. That is why, I said; we shouldn’t take anything for guaranteed, we will need to make an early preservation.

Beside who told you that things may go smoothly as you explained in your response, who knows that whether the CPA will survives till the end and get the result we want as you quoted it. Dear Ngottee, you need to use your mind good for your own people. And again I device you don’t just get influenced by other people's thoughts, even by leaders; try to have your own thoughts and analyses, so that you can identify what may go wrong and what may go right.

The choice of the public consultation was a risk result for us, and it was not expected almost by all Nuba people even the leaders themselves who have expressed huge frustrations and disappointment. See the book of Nanne op ‘t Eind. In addition to that, even if we assume that every thing will go right and exactly as we predicted according to the agreement that still doesn’t mean that all Nuba will agree in one choice, which is something we will still need to work on, in order to make sure that everyone will be on board with us.

That is why I have described the decision, which taken in the Workshop as a delicate and premature one, that lacks long and wide vision to the region. The option of the Nuba to be alone in its own state it isn’t logic. We need to be rational about this issue from the geographical and other aspects and figures points of view. 

Finally, in your response, you have praised the idea of calling for all Nuba Nuba dialogue to decide together about their future, but subsequently you refuse the suggestion of including other political and non-SPLM bodies to take part in making that future decision. In this I strongly disagree with you, and my advise to you again is to stop pointing fingers on our people were ever they are. Because that will never solve the differences among us, instead we will need to talk to them and approach them in whatever ways we can, for the sake of our unity and our entity. 

It is true some of them they may have been taken the wrong decision to join the NCP, but as far as I know from very strong sources, (there is a big something going on inside sudan right now, just call me to tell you what is it),  That is why others are saying all options will take us at the end to the Nuba Mountains.

That means we have all agreed in Nuba entity and issues, but some may have chosen a different option for the struggle than we in SPLM. That is why I don’t see any clear reasons why we have to refuse others to participate in the future dialogue of the region, as long as we have agreed together to be Nuba first.

(About the survey I did here in Europe, I would suggest that; you try yours first and than I will send you mine to compare the results.) 

With kind regards bro - keep well – my greetings to the family.



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