South Sudan army in state of mobilisation: SPLM SG

November 19, 2007 (Sudan Tribune)

Pagan Amum, the Secretary General of the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM), said that southern Sudan army is in state of mobilisation following Sudanese president orders to open training camps for a paramilitary force.

Speaking in a monthly political forum organized by Akhbar al-Youm daily newspaper, Amum said that a state of mobilisation had begun in the south in reaction to the statements that were issued ordering the Popular Defence Forces to prepare and open camps.

However, he stressed that war was not a favorable option for the SPLM but that it would defend its self if others began. He added that military capabilities had increased on both sides and that the SPLA’s capabilities had developed a hundred times.

Pagan was invited at this forum with Al-Dirdiri Mohamed Ahmed, from the NCP in the six member committee. Ahmed considered a violation of the peace agreement saying the agreement prohibited the increase of military capabilities.

The SPLM Secretary General also revealed that his party was prepared to enter into a complete partnership with the NCP to the extent of forming an alliance with it at the next elections. However, he said this was on condition the agreement was implemented. Nonetheless, Pagan added that the NCP considers its self in a position of force to impose its point of view and this led the SPLM to resist its partner, as he said.

Salva Kiir had already marked in Washington last week the preference of his party of the NCP as better ally in the 2009 elections.


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