We have Signed CPA from Position of Strength, Al Bashir

18 November 2007 (Sudan Vision Daily)

President Al Bashir has reiterated Sudan's commitment to the Comprehensive Peace Agreement, describing peace as a strategic option for which they fought in South Sudan.

Al Bashir, in his address at the celebration of Popular Defence Forces 8th anniversary held yesterday in Wad Medani, Gezira State, dismissed the Abyei experts' report as valueless, and that the government would only accept the boundaries of 1905, without waiving an inch whatever the circumstances were.

In what seemed a message to SPLM, Al Bashir said neither US nor Europe are more concerned about South Sudan and Darfur peace than the Sudanese Government, accusing US and Europe of hypocrisy to control the wealth of Sudan.

The President said the party that triggers the conflict shall bear the responsibility and stands its ground inside the country instead of learning it. "We shall be waiting in the battlefield," he said.

Al Bashir added that they have signed the peace agreement from position of strength, affirming that they honour agreements and commitments.

Meanwhile, President Al Bashir has called for opening of popular defence camps, "We are advocates of peace but the current situation requires full alert," he added.

He further stated that CPA implementation has achieved considerable progress, but according to him, the complaining voices were louder.

On the other hand, Al Bashir renewed Sudan's rejection of deployment of non-African forces in Darfur unless that is consulted over with Sudan.

He stated that currently UN Secretary General and AU Commission Chairperson are considering the deployment of corps from Nepal, Sweden and Denmark to join the hybrid operation. However, he categorically rejected the deployment of troops from any state that has offended the Prophet (Allah Peace and Blessing be Upon Him).

Al Bashir said those who believed that Sudan will only bow to pressures are mistaken, assuring that Sudan will never accept humiliation.

The President accused France, US and Israel of involvement in the attempt to smuggle Darfurian children to Paris to bring back the slave trade.


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