Al-Bashir: “We will not seek war, but if imposed on us we are ready"

Nov. 18, 2007 (New Sudan Vision)

Addressing his jihadist Popular Defence Forces army on its 18th anniversary on Saturday in Medani, Government of National Unity president Omar Bashir assured his Islamic and Arab followers they are ready to respond when attacked. "We will not seek war, but if imposed on us we are ready," he said in a televised address on state run “Sudan TV.”

Bashir accuses the Western government of pushing for a 26,000-strong United Nations and African Union force to be deployed in Darfur in January for sinister reasons. "They are all liars and hypocrites who are only interested in the riches and resources of Sudan," he said about Western powers. "Those Americans, those British, and those Europeans are not keen about the people of Darfur, or the people of southern Sudan or the Sudanese people," he said.

Earlier, Bashir has called for the training of his jihadsit forces, Popular Defence Forces, who weighed the war during the 21 years of war.

The current stand-off between the two partners, SPLM and NCP, many observers fear could lead to war. Northern Arab imam has warned on Friday south Sudan could declare independence over Abyei and over, while the SPLM has not so far expressed any interest of returning to the government of national unity.


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