Re: A letter to the SPLM leaders in Nuba Mountains/South Kordofan State

by Anwar Abusalem

The Netherlands
17 November, 2007

Dear all and brother Isaac,

No one can pay no attention or try to manipulate the situation of our home land Sudan, but some groups do it in unimaginable ways. Kush is going through a delicate time, any unpleasant move will take  us back to the dark ages.

When we used to hear our fallen leaders and commanders speak about Sudan, they talked about the unity of our land. They are physically no longer with us, they went somewhere, and maybe they took that unity with 
them? No one can say yes or no with %100 guarantee.

The transparency and the leadership of our leaders towards Nuba people are very tiny, in some cases there is no leadership at all. To influence the outcome of the approaching time we have to be united all the way and 
put our differences aside, Teh most significant thing is that we have to be prepared for all kind of scripts in front of us and start calculating now. Otherwise it will be too late to act.

I am very curious about the response of the Deputy Governor Daniel Kodi. Please share it with us.

Best regards
your brother Anwar


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