A letter to the SPLM leaders in Nuba Mountains/ South Kordofan State.

Written by: Isaac Musa Kuku
Date: 11-11-2007

Subject: the future of the South Kordofan State/ Nuba Mountains

You’re Excellency: Daniel Kodi Deputy Governor and SPLM/A leader in South Kordofan State/ Nuba Mountains
You’re Excellency: Ismail Khamis Jalab the former Governor of the state, the state minister at the Ministry of the Interior and the SPLM/A leader
Honourable state ministers leaders of the SPLM/A and comrades.
It gives me great comfort and honour to salute and congratulate you for the efforts you are making constantly in setting up some of the key issues, which aim is to change the course that our people are facing up today, as the political climate deteriorates day by day in our great country Sudan.

In that regards, our gratitude’s and praise goes first to our martyrs: Yousif Kuwa Maki, Mohammed Juma Nail and Dr John Garang De Mabior, for their courage, heroic and historic struggle which outlined and defined the root cause of the conflict in Sudan.

Your Excellency: Daniel Kodi and ministers of the state, allow me first to express my gratitude and thanks in advance for your humbleness and time spent to read this letter. Your Excellency, I have written this letter in response to the recent Workshop/conference, which took place in Kauda between the first and 9 November 2007. As I am aware, it has been said that some of the fundamental questions and core issues were raised and widely discussed in that Workshop including the identity of the Nuba Mountains if the South Sudan secedes in their referendum of 2011.

As we all know that, specially you as leaders, that our people were the only ones and still the only ones who have always embraced from the very beginning the vision and the objectives of the Sudan People liberation Movement for liberation and unity of the Sudan as they were told so. It was because of their strong belief and confidence in vision of New Sudan that let them fought and died for it without questioning or asking anyone for more clarification.

And now as the reality of the current political situation in Sudan tells us something else, things seems to have been taken a different shape from the one which was already anticipated by many Nuba people and the people of the new Sudan. Beside since the signing of the CPA as you know it very well some of the Nuba people if not the majority have expressed less satisfaction about the comprehensive peace agreement which was signed in Kenyia.

It is true that we shouldn’t agree with Mr Telephone Kuku in his ideas and I strongly oppose him also, but I have realised and found that in my own survey which I did here in Europe among some Nuba people asking them about the CPA and the outcomes, I have noticed that there is an average of four out of five who think that Nuba people are left behind with no borders to end with, especially if South Sudan decides to be in its own.

I have found also many of them in one way or another conceive the same ideas as Telephone Kuku, and have got many questions need to be answered as no official has shown up to explain it very well to them which is something they also keep complain about, very much too. And I think the reason that led you also hold such a workshop which was behind closed door as they said in order to discuss these issues, it could be one of the reasons that can show you too as leaders are worried and not happy about the future of the region in spite of CPA.

Therefore, I have written you this letter to suggest and comment on the following issues, hoping they are to be taken into consideration.


Isaac Musa Kuku
Email: isaackoko@hotmail.com


N.B :( The ideas and suggestions written in this letter doesn’t necessarily represent anyone view)


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