White Nile Governor Urges SPLA withdrew Forces Form state Boundaries in Favor of peace

31 October 2007 (SMC)

SPLA mobilized masses of forces toward the north in an attempt described as military escalation of possible aggression against White Nile state. Governor of the state Dr Mohammed Nur Allah Al Tigani warns SPLA against pushing in forces into the state boundaries.

Reliable sources told (smc) that SPLM orders military command to mobilize masses of forces in Juba waiting for further instructions. The sources said two battalions have arrived in Malakal and Rank. Meanwhile, instructions were giver to forces to move and deployed at Garbana area in White Nile state, Something 30 kilometers north to 1956 border line.

Governor of the state acknowledges that SPLA forces have been existed at Al Kiwak area since couple of days. The governor said Al Kiwak is populated and active business area in the while Nile state. Al Tigani reveals that thy have made contacts with SPLM to stop the military escalation. He said SPLM did respond.

He said we have information that the SPLA has deployed reinforcements on eastern bank at Goda area.
The governor said his government should not allow SPLA captured any area in the state. He said his government should take necessary arrangements to protect the boundaries of the state. Al Tigani however urges SPLM to withdraw troops urgently as to protect peace.


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