The Sudan People's Liberation Army (SPLA) denied that it has deployed forces north of the 1956 borderline  

23 October 2007 (Miraya FM)

SPLA denies deployment of forces to north of 1.1.56 borderlineThis was confirmed by the SPLA member of the Joint Military Ceasefire Commission (JMCC), Brigadier Mac Paul, in an interview with Miraya FM in which he reacted to the level of accusation leveled by Osman Taha.

"The SPLA are within the areas of responsibility of 1.1.56 which is in a place called Wuntoa, which is on the other side they called it Joda," said Brigadeir Paul.

He added, "because the Sudan Armed Forces (SAF) has deployed on the side and they claim it to be part of the north-it is an area of demonstration of the Upper Nile State".

"So we have not deployed north of 1.1.56, we are at south of 1.1.56 which is the borderline," he said.

Brigadier Paul also spoke of a recent isolated fight between the SPLA and the SAF in Rum-Akeer market of Aweil North County, Northern Bahr el-Ghazal State.

He said two soldiers of the SPLA were injured, and the troops of the SAF retreated north of the Wahr-Guet River.

The JMCC is expected to meet on Tuesday to review the implementation of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement.


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