SPLA denies infiltration of troops to areas in the White Nile State

21 October 2007 (Miraya FM)

The Sudan People's Liberation Army (SPLA) has denied infiltrating areas in the White Nile State.

Speaking to Miraya FM, the head of the Technical Committee of the Joint Defense Board, Elias Waya, said that the entry of the SPLA soldiers into the area took place with the knowledge of the Sudan Armed Forces (SAF).

He said that this was intended to stop the spread of illegal arms.

Mr. Waya said that the meeting of the security committee which was held in Renk in the last two days called for the controlling of arms trafficking in both the south and the north.

"The only thing that happened is that there is the redeployment or the check points for those who are moving from south to north or north to south," said Waya.

He added, "they are doing arms trafficking, arms dealing in those areas-some people are going from northern Sudan with their arms selling them to the Upper Nile State and vice vecer".

He said that this made the commanding officer of the SPLA forces in northern Upper Nile to move his forces to Halak, "Halak is within the Gergard district (payam)," he said.

The SAF declined to comment, saying that the security intelligence department is the agency authorized to answer questions on this matter.

However, the spokeswoman of the United Nations Mission in Sudan, Radhia Achouri, told Miraya FM that the Mission has not yet received any information regarding the issue.

"The truth remains unknown," said Achouri.

She said, "we knew this issue through the press," adding that, "these problems will be followed by the concerned body which is the Ceasefire Joint Monitoring Commission".

The Sudan Media Center had reported that more than 600 SPLA soldiers occupied Renk town of the White Nile State, 150 kms south of Kosti.


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