SPLA forces penetrate a number of areas south of the White Nile

20 October 2007

Troops from the Sudan People's Liberation Army (SPLA) of the Sudan People's Liberation Movement (SPLM) Penetrated into North, the troops are estimated at (630) elements and occupied Alkwyk area in the northern state of White Nile at the West banks of the White Nile, which lies about 150 km south of the town of Kosti.

The military source said in a statement to (smc) that the occupying force entered the three sites consists of (400) soldiers went on Almadok area and (150) in the area of Umm karaya, in addition to (80) soldier in the area of Mohammad Sharif. The source pointed out that the available information indicates the intention of SPLA to push additional troops estimated at (300) elements in the same direction to occupy the area of Umm Jalala. These forces have moved by four wheel drive trucks along with a number of vehicles that were seized from citizens.

The source said SPLA pushed more than (3000) soldiers supported by tanks from Halka and Antwan areas and pushed along the eastern bank of the White Nile with the presence of arrangements to occupy Altbaun area in the border between the states of Sennar, White Nile and Upper Nile.


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